About Us

  • First, some dry, albeit accurate words:

The Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg is a full-service small animal healthcare facility.  We offer wellness and emergency care and services to those who are in need.  We offer screening for maladies, individualized immunization protocols, nutritional counseling, pain management, radiology services, dental care, surgery, ultrasound, acupuncture, laser therapy, select orthopedic procedures, medical boarding, massage therapy, and physical therapy and rehabilitation.  Our professional objective focuses on the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease in companion animals.

Our compassionate team, highly trained technicians, and experienced veterinarians provide individualized care for your pet, striving to build exceptional relationships with the patients in our care.  We utilize, through effective and comprehensive communication, multiple treatment, and diagnostic options to develop a customized health plan for your sick or injured pet that meets both the pet’s and owner’s needs.

We take pride in the fact that our team has an open dialogue on all cases.  All veterinarians have an open discussion, they interpret each other’s diagnostic results and formulate a plan as a team, this allows for the best possible diagnosis and treatment for your pet.  All team members work together to provide comprehensive care.  We are able to stay up to date on the latest innovations in veterinary medicine through ongoing Continuing Education.  We lend support, offer guidance, and provide novel healthcare solutions to our patients and their families.

We also are happy to report we were able to get the renowned architect, AJ Baratto, to reconstruct our dog park.  The dog park has been upgraded with more space and design that only he could envision!  

The dog park is open to the public.  We just ask that everyone keeps it beautiful and clean.  If you are sick, please wait until you are all better, and if you need veterinary help you are just steps away!  Most importantly, have fun!

Our hospital was entered into a national design competition with twenty-two other hospitals from around the country.  We are proud to announce that we were chosen as a Merit Award Winner; we were only one of four hospitals honored with this award!  The Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg was featured in a national veterinary publication- DVM360 magazine.

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Enough of that, let’s see some cute puppies and kittens!

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