Wonderful, knowledgeable staff! They take great care of my dogs and my dogs are not afraid there, as they have been with other offices. Great advice and the best care in the area!

Nicole Gorney   

I am ecstatic over the care and customer service my Bichon Louie (and I) received during the snowstorm of November. During that storm, my daughter and I were stranded on the NYS Thruway in our car for 23 hours, then at a hotel we stayed for 4 days after we were rescued by snowbilers. Louie was being boarded for the weekend because we went to New York City, yet he ended up staying at the VVCOH for 4 extra days because of the storm and bans. When I finally went to pick up Louie 8 days later, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that I was not being charged for the four days of the bans! Let me tell you, after the harrowing experience my daughther and I had, my nerves were frayed and this kind and generous act by the VVCOH was overwhelming! THANK YOU VERY, VERY MUCH! And their care for my dog was outstanding!! You have customers for life in Louie and I!!

Sal Durante   

I just love this clinic and refer everyone to go there. I recently took my 11 week old husky for a check up and the Dr was so awesome. I never laughed so hard a vet visit. Everyone from the girls who check you in to the girls in the back the Dr's and the check out girls are absolutely top notch professionals and won't take my furbabies any where else.

Author *Julie Wagonblott   

my poor trouble was experiencing cluster seizures and my vet recommended village vet because they had more resources. i cannot begin to thank you enough you put my mind at ease and even kept an eye my boy through the night. and even though he lived up to his name and caused a bit of trouble : ) (sorry again) you still spent most of your Easter giving him the best care possible and even let him tour the building when he didn't like the kennel. the vet kept in continuous contact with me and assured me his medications would work. to the Dr. Cely, the vet techs, and the lovely women at the front desk i thank you so much and i wish nothing but great things for you guys!! P.S. trouble is finally sleeping and is seizure free so far

sasha hopkins   

Dr. Andy and his team are always the best!! Thanks for always taking great care of our pets over the years!

Patrick J. Summerville   

I love that when we come in they know who I am, know who my dogs are and that they truly seem to really care not only about the pets, but about their owners as well. The new facility is truly amazing! I am so happy that they now have a emergency clinic. They are all so willing to listen to what I have to say about my pet and I am never pushed into doing anything I don't want to do. I have had to put 2 of the best dogs down there due to sickness, and it was truly a blessing that each person there is so understanding of how you feel at that moment and even after. They were so kind, caring and compassionate, I will never forget what they did for my dogs and continue to do for them and myself, and that is to feel at home with family!

Amy Matyjasik   

Thank you for taking care of our baby(and us) the people here are compassionate and kind. Just to know you have the most treasured pets cared for when they are hurt or sick by people like this is a comfort.

Melanie O'Donnell   

The caring staff at Village Vet go beyond any expectation you may have upon entering the door. Dr Reyda and staff always have a smile and an answer, never making you feel you are a bother, or that they are in a rush! They are always conservative when they have that option, respecting the pet owners that walk through the door. I highly recommend VVC to anyone looking for a vet! They are wonderful and I am thankful they are now an option for emergency care - they will always be my first choice!

Lisa Beckwith   

Great experience. They saved our cat, Pita! I would highly recommend Village Vet.

Al Baratto   

We love every one of you. You have all been so good to us over the years. Thank you for taking such good care of us.

Lisa Sherman   

They're great. They explain things in languages anyone can understand, and are very supportive.

Lauren Zdrojewski   

Where to start! Excellent facilities, generous staff and superb care! Our Lily Goat, our first dog as a family, slipped into unfortunate circumstances right before Christmas 2016. Pinched spinal cord, slipped disc; she seemed unrepairable to some. Having being left paralyzed from her midsection down, Lily struggled to perform all basic tasks. That’s when Hamburg Village Vet came to our rescue after being recommended by our reputable vet! It would be unfair to say it was due to just one peoson because the entire team, from the delightful front desk staff, technicians...right on down the line to the irreplaceable Dr. Cely. The commitment from her team began day one and continues today. Needless to say, Lily just recicved her award of recognition for successfully completing 10 months of physical therapy.
She may not be perfect but she’s the happiest, more grateful dog one has ever seen. We couldn’t have done it without you VVC!

Jacob & Anthony Lafrance   

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