Hospital Protocols for General Anesthesia:

We understand and appreciate the concerns of owners when a pet must undergo general anesthesia.  Therefore, our comprehensive patient monitoring of anesthetized patients consists of evaluating heart rate, blood pressure, EKG, blood-oxygen saturation, respiratory rate, and carbon dioxide levels.  We even measure the pressure of the inflatable cuff on the endotracheal tube (breathing tube) which accompanies every anesthetized patient.  We have the experience, knowledge, and equipment necessary to create the safest environment possible for our anesthetized patients.  All patients are maintained on fluids to properly regulate organ function and help maintain appropriate blood pressure.  Post-surgically, if the use is warranted, patients are given a laser therapy treatment to promote healing, decrease pain, and reduce inflammation. 

Surgical Procedures:

We are able to do a wide range of surgical procedures from a spay, neuter, mass removals, dental procedures, select orthopedic procedures, etc.  There are also emergency surgical procedures that we have the capabilities of performing on a daily basis. 

Post surgically we have several areas for pets to recover in.  We have a separate dog and cat room so that patients can peacefully recover.  We also have a large treatment and ICU room for those patients that need a little more TLC.  All our patients are monitored 24/7 by a licensed veterinary technician and we have state of the art monitoring equipment to accompany them.