Time is a flyin”!!  We are entering our third year of operation in the new hospital; eleventh year as the Village Veterinary Clinic of Hamburg.  It doesn’t seem all that long ago we were working alongside Dr. Bob Rogers who helped during our transition to ownership.  We’ve established wonderful bonds with countless owners and patients alike and are truly fortunate with our opportunity here in Hamburg.

This time has also allowed ourselves to evolve into who we want to be as a veterinary hospital.  We desire to offer our community the highest quality care of veterinary medicine and surgery while providing an environment for our hospital team that is rewarding, fun, challenging and be a place they look forward to working at.  With these tenets in mind, we are changing our doctor availability times starting this month of November, 2016.

Seven days a week (excluding holidays), a doctor will be present at our hospital until Midnight.  Following this time, a support team consisting of a licensed veterinary technician and medical assistant will be present overnight to answer phone calls and perform treatments on the patients that are hospitalized, to ensure continuity of care.  For holidays, a doctor will be available until 5pm.  The support team will continue to be present for the overnight hours.  We feel these hours allow us to maintain our commitment to being available for our clients while allowing coveted family time for our team members.  The well-being of our team is crucial to our operation and being with family on holidays is integral to that existence.

We realize there will be times a client needs emergency advice/assistance when we don’t have a doctor available.  Our experience during these years offering overnight emergency services indicate our new hours of doctor availability should support our clientele very effectively.  Emergency services can be utilized at other facilities if needed when one of our doctors is not available.

Our hope is that our clients understand our need for balance between covering shifts and enjoying one’s family.  We have never wanted to be so big that we lose our attention to client service.  Instead of hiring more individuals who can work extended hours, but may not fit our “family values”, we wish for our current, valued medical team to be rewarded professionally and personally.

Our team wishes you peace and prosperity throughout the holidays and beyond.


Andrew M. Reyda, DVM