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Pet Diagnostic Imagery

Our diagnostic imagery services include radiology and ultrasonography.


Pet Diagnostic Imagery

Our diagnostic imagery services are non-invasive methods for us to take a peek at what is going on inside your pet. These technologies allow us to work towards a more accurate diagnosis.


Our fancy digital x-rays are fast and they give great detail to what is happening on the inside of your pet. X-rays look at the size and shape of organs. It can help aid us in the diagnosis of issues such as constipation, obstruction, asthmas, urinary or kidney stones. The list goes on!

It is a quick and pain-free procedure, all that is required is for your pet to lay on a table and say cheese!


We use GE’s Logiq P5 ultrasound machine. You won’t care what make/model it is, but it works really well. Now to what it really does…

Ultrasounds allow us to look at the size and shape of organs, but it does more than that! It allows us to look inside them as an added bonus! This handy machine is also great for when your pet is shy or stubborn and we need a urine sample. This is a needed collection method for urine or fluid cultures or biopsies. It allows for the samples to remain sterile.