Let’s all try some bullet points on for size, shall we?  And not the “husky” sized ones like I had to deal with in my awkward junior high school years.  Let us proceed…..

  • It’s been almost 12 months since we entered our new veterinary hospital and my expectations have been unequivocally met and surpassed.  The quality of care we currently provide to our patients is second to none.  This is due to our new digs for sure but also, and more importantly, to the veterinary care team we have been able to assemble.  While always seemingly in a state of flux, our roster ranging from the reception team, our hospital manager, daycare/boarding squad, licensed veterinary technicians, medical assistants, all the way to the doctors is composed of dedicated, confident and proud individuals who are energetic and always advocating for the animals in our charge.  We are very fortunate to work with this talented crew and we look forward to our professional futures together.
  • It is June 1 as I jab at my keyboard today and note with some apprehension (and hostility) that it is currently 52 degrees Fahrenheit (none of that Centigrade fodder!) outside whilst it is 64 degrees inside my not-at-all-warm-and-cozy office.  You may think, “turn on the heat, Spock” and I agree that would alleviate this present frigid condition.  However, as I mentioned, it’s June 1!  June is when school lets out, baseball really gets played and the wearing of tank tops doesn’t elicit a second thought (usually).  After June commences, there is no artificial heating of the indoor air.  I suspect I’m the only one here who feels this way.  Correction, I KNOW I’m the only one here who feels this way.
  • Merging the weather and veterinary health care motifs, this past winter with hundreds of inches dumped upon us actually served insulate certain ectoparasites that generally get knocked off by winter’s subzero temperatures, specifically, ticks.  All that snow we cursed acted as a blanket to protect ticks in the environment and they are out with a vengeance.  We have had many more tick related visits this Spring than in my recent memory.  We even have clients making appointments for us to check out their pets for ticks because they found a tick on their human child!!!  Creepy.  Every dog and cat needs flea/tick control, even the animals who don’t go outside.  The problem is that fleas/ticks can and will come inside.  Counterfeit flea and tick control is circulating on the Internet and also with certain retailers so call your veterinary health team for recommendations and advice for the best protection for your pet.
  • <—That is a tight and sculpted bullet point.

Thanks for reading and I’ll chat with you soon.