I should make a professional New Years Resolution to do these blogs more frequently but I suspect they would end up alongside my personal New Years Resolutions; next to the Doritos, just to the left of the cobweb encrusted treadmill. With that said, ever onward!!

  • We have a great many things going on here at VVCofH. Dr. Cely is ushering in physical therapy and rehabilitation services for dogs and cats. It has been eminently rewarding witnessing the mobility and comfort of our patients improve using massage, range of motion exercises, muscular stimulation and cold laser therapy. We are receiving tremendously positive feedback from clients who are utilizing this service and it is very encouraging going forward, knowing we have complimentary methods to help improve our patient’s well being.
  • Starting February 1, 2016, we will have a doctor in house 24 hours a day to help with any small animal emergency that may arise with your pet. This is a service we had to grow into and now is the perfect time to set that task into motion. Anytime you have a question regarding the health status of your pet, call us and ask. If it seems like something that can wait until the morning until you can talk to your regular vet, we will tell you that. If we think your pet could benefit from a visit with us at that time, we will recommend that as well. As always, if your pet is seen by us on an emergency basis and your regular vet is someone else, your pet’s records will be faxed to your regular veterinarian’s office the next morning. Our being available to you overnight is another way we can assist with the proper health and well being of your pet.
  • Finally, February is “Dental Health Awareness Month” so we have a promotion going where you can save a significant amount of sweet cash when having your pet’s teeth professionally and appropriately cleaned by us here at VVCofH. Check out our website or call the hospital for specific details.
    Thanks for reading and hopefully we can do this more frequently!