This is my first edition, volume one, collector’s item, blog entry.  My intent with this platform is to occasionally inform, hopefully entertain, maybe offend and to serve as a conduit for my thoughts at any particular time (sounds sorta prickly, I gotta say).  I suspect most of my future postings will actually not be about veterinary medicine and surgery as my mind is there constantly and I’m very much looking forward to casting different tinged musings into the cyber ether and see what takes flight.  I do realize that animal medicine and surgery is integral to who I am so I most definitely will be commenting along those themes, probably more often than I think.  This will, however, never be a forum for wannabe James Herriot clones.  You know, I never read Herriot.  My brother did.  I thought the books were exceedingly droll.  I did, creepily, sign out of my high school library this book about cat breeds for something like 117 weeks straight.  Credit needs to be given to Mr. Wasylink, our librarian, for not staging a psychiatric intervention after, I don’t know, week one.

We’re approaching our first month in our new hospital.  I absolutely love it, even though it’s kicking my Sherman rump up and down the I-90.  The team we have assembled under the banner of “VVCofH” is incredible.  Everyone is energized, committed and puts forth wonderful and appreciated effort.

As a literary aside, I’m typing while listening to Pandora on the computer.  Queen’s “I Want To Break Free” just started and made me realize what a great band Queen was/ is (Brian May and Roger Taylor are currently touring with Adam Lambert; John Deacon apparently has a retirement condo just north of Atlantis).  I place Freddie Mercury at the forefront of mammoth rock and roll singers.  His charisma, technical abilities and imaginative work separates him from his peers.

That was some tangent.  I feel I grow weary and need to stop percussing my fingers against small, square, lettered buttons.  If you’ve read this far, thank you and I hope you will read this blog again someday.  If you think it stinks, thanks for reading anyway. I’ll try to figure how to announce future postings on Twitter (@vvcofh) and our Facebook page.

All My Best,